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Your clients count on you for expertise and timely, accurate reimbursement. Why not partner with a practice management system you can count on for the same, and more?

We've grown due to our accountability, adaptability, and the ability to deliver customer service above and beyond the competition, and our partnership with Clinix has been a pivtal factor at every step along the way.

The Clinix practice management system delivers a reliable blend of powerful technology and knowledgeable service to billing companies and medical practices across the country.

Seamless transitions. Simple start up and training.

Why Clinix?

Better processes.

Less Headaches.                        

Do you ever feel like there's a better or faster way to tackle your workload and get your clients paid in record time? ClinixPM is that better way. In addition to our timesaving automated features, you'll also enjoy many customizable features designed to fit you and your clients' unique demands. 

Our automated features maximize accurate collections while minimizing the cost to collect, which means you can grow your business without expanding your team. We'll automatically handle claims, remittances, statements, refunds, collections, and more.

Your clients will love how easy it is to transition to and use ClinixPM. They'll also enjoy our outstanding customer service—and collecting more, faster. Plus, we equip you with an arsenal of easy-to-understand, powerful reports you and your clients can access to measure key performance indicators like aging analysis by financial class and insurance company, open claims, procedures analysis by performing provider, and more. 

"That's what keeps Clinix at the top of their game. They take a personal interest in our business needs and work hard to develop customized solutions for every issue."

-- Cameron Cox, III CEO of MSOC Health

"I like that the product is very versatile and does many things without me having to do much. For example, the product automatically files claims if they're over 30 days old. The product flags things immediately if they aren't correct.... It is a truly outstanding product."

-- Practice manager, KLAS Data, April 2014

"ClinixMIS is by far the most customer service-friendly organization in the industry. Our experience with them has been excellent. Their customer service is amazing."

-- VP/executive, KLAS Data, April 2014

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Cameron Cox, III
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